'85 Z50R
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OEM Honda Z50R Z50RD Parts 1979 - 1994

  Z50RD grip set

Throttle cable. 1980-1985 Z50R, Z50RD


Throttle cable with integrated carburetor cap. As indicated by red arrow. Fits 1986-1999 Z50R


  Z50R brake cable

Brake cable to fit 1986-1999 Z50R, Z50RD only. Brake cable for 1979-1985 has been discontinued.


QA50 fender washer.

OEM Honda special shoulder washer for QA50 front and rear fenders, and Z50R front fender


Honda Z50R band front plate.

Honda Z50R number plate band. Find all colors of oval number plates here.


Front number plate


Honda Z50R fork dust covers.

Honda Z50R number plate clip


Washer, steering stem nut, CR125M, XR75, MR50, SL70, Z50A, Z50R. Will not fit CR250M


Steering cap nut CR125 '76-78, XR80, Z50R, TL125, XL125, MR175, MT125


Plastic wire tie secures cable and wires to frame or handlebars


Honda small bike tool kit

Spark plug wrench and bar. Tool kit for many small Hondas


Honda steering cap nut

Steering cap nut


MR50 shift lever. NOS Honda.

Steering bearings. Loose - requires 42

$ .15 ea.

Honda Z50R fork dust covers.

Honda Z50R fork dust boot set

$17.95 set

Z50R lever perch/stop switch

Brake Lever. These are Honda levers.


Small wire tie secures cable and wires to frame directly under tank all years


Black Z50R grip

Z50R grip.


throttle tube Z50R

Honda throttle tube Z50R


Honda Z50R gas cap

Vented gas cap


Exhaust collars - OEM Honda SL70K0-K1, XL70K0-K1, CL70, Z50A 1978, Z50R '79 - '99

$4 pair

Rear tank cushion Z50A K3-78, Z50R to 1996


Honda Z50R tank bumpers.

Tank bumpers Z50R to 1979 - 1987

$8.95 set

Air filter element, pre-oiled


OEM Ignition Coil Z50R 1988-1999


Honda SL70, XL70, CT70 spark plug cap.

OEM Honda spark plug cap for MR50, QA50, Z50A, Z50R to 1985, CT70 to 1978, SL70 K0-K1, XL70 up to 1976 and many others


Exhaust gasket - OEM Honda


Honda valve spring

Valve spring.


Screen, oil filter


5mm oval screws found on engine covers for original points inspection cover on Z50A, SL70, CT70, CL70, XR75 (4-speed) and clutch cover. Also found on MR175, MT125, MT250, CL100 CB100, SL100, CB125, CL125, SL125, TL125, XL100 XL125 oil rotor cover. 5x12, 5x16, 5x25 - Choose length. Sold each.

$0.75 each

5mm x 10mm flat screws found on clutch outer on Z50A, SL70, XL70, CT70, and CL70. Sold each.

$0.75 each

6mm x 16mm flat screws found on magneto, stator plate on XR75, MR50, Z50A, Z50R, SL70, CT70, CT70H. Also found on clutch actuator assembly of 4-speed horizontal motors. Sold each.

$0.85 each

Honda Z50 piston pin.

Wrist pin


Honda circlip (set 2). Original Honda part.

Circlip (set of 2) for piston pin.

$2.50 set

Honda Z50 engine seal kit

OEM Honda Z50 engine seals

$5.50 ea.

seal kit $19.95

Clutch disks (fiber)

Clutch disks (fiber). OEM Honda part. Sold each.


Honda intake valve

Intake valve choose 1982-87, or 1988-2004


Honda exhaust valve

Exhaust valve choose Z50R 1979-81 or 1982-1987


Honda Z50R carb gasket set

Carburetor gasket set Z50R '79 and later.


Honda Z50R gas cap

Float set Z50R 1979-1999. Float, pin, and float valve


Z50R petcock

Petcock assembly '81-99 Z50R only. Will work in place of the earlier petcock but has 90 degree fuel outlet.


OEM 6mm pan screw. Sold each. This item from 6x6mm to 6x28mm

price varies

OEM 6mm pan screw. Sold each. This item from 6x32mm to 6x135mm

price varies

fuel line clip

Correct fuel line/drain line and vent line clips.


Spring, brake shoes


Bearing, front or rear wheel bearing 68-78 Z50, 79 Z50R, QA50

$19 set

spring, brake

spring, brake shoes

$3.75 set

Honda Z50R  front fender

Z50R front fender only available in white.


Honda Z50R rear fender

Z50R rear fender. Only available in white


fender grommet

Grommet rear fender (requires 4)


Honda Z50R  front fender

White Z50R front fender. 1988-99


Honda Z50R  front fender

Z50R rear cowl, plain white - no decal


Honda SL70 and XL70 side cover grommets

Side cover grommets to fit just about any Honda made with plastic side covers. Z50R, SL70, XL70, XR75, XR80, CB750, lower mount on SL100, SL125, SL175 SL350 and many others. Sold each.

$3.50 ea.

Z50R black shift lever

Shift Lever with toe rubber. Black Z50R 1980-99.


Z50R chain guard

Z50R chain case for 1980-1999.


Honda 13T counter sprocket. Call for other gearing


swing arm bushing

Swingarm bushing. Sold each


cotter pin

3 x 25 split pin. Fits rear axle MR50, front and rear of almost all other minis including XR, XL, SL, CT, CR125. Brake pivot on some bikes.


spring, kick stand

Spring, Kickstand


Pin - step bar joint. Attaches foot pegs to frame.


1.6 x 250 cotter

Cotter pin - secure step pin to foot peg or brake rod pivot.


step spring

Foot peg return spring - choose left or right. 1973-1978 Z50A and 1979 Z50R. 1980-1999 Z50R


Axle lock nut. Z50A, QA50, Z50R 1979-1980.


castle nut. Axle nut

Axle nut. Z50R 1981-1985, XR80 1984, XL80S 1983-85, Shock nut CR125R 1981-1992, CR250R 1981-89, CR450R, CR480R CR500R CR60R 1983, CR80R


castle nut. Axle nut

Axle nut 1986-1999 including Z50RD and ZB50


Toe rubber. NOS Honda

OEM Honda - Shift lever rubber


Kick rubber. NOS Honda.

OEM Honda - Kick lever rubber for almost all small Hondas


OEM Honda chain adjusters

OEM Honda chain adjusters. Hardware shown is not included. Buy with or without new stainless steel metric hardware. Sold each.

$4 ea.

hdw set 1.00 ea.